Cake Decorating: Rubber Duckies Cake Decorating Instructions

You will need the following to decorate your own Rubber Duckies Cake:

Rubber Duckies Cake Decorating

3 rubber duckies

Cake Decorating Tips:
Tip dc-1a for piping the bubbles
Tip sdt-21 for piping the shell borders
Airbrush Colors:
You could simply use colored icing or draw onto the cake if you do not have an airbrush system.
Blue for the entire cake

Colored Icing:
White frosting to ice your entire cake, for the bubbles and the borders

Cake Decorating Instructions & Assembly:
  • Bake and ice your favorite cake.
  • using a spatula swirl the icing on the sides of the cake and on top to create a water look.
  • Airbrush the cake surface blue.
  • Pipe the bubbles with white frosting.
  • Pipe the borders with white frosting.
  • Place decorations on the cake.

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