Thanksgiving Turkey Decoration
PastryWiz step-by-step decorating instructions

you need - body - head - tail feathers - beak & legs
wings - head piping - cooking instructions - final

Decorating the turkey's head

Turkey's have a little red dangling bit on their beak. To make this, make a tiny ball of red paste and roll it into a narrow bone shape.

Dampen the top of the beak. Drape the red paste over with one end dangling longer than the other.

Using the icing bag, with a number 1 or 2 piping tube and a small amount of royal icing, pipe the eyes.

Leave the icing to dry for about ten to twenty minutes and then paint the pupils onto the eyes.
Paint some eye brows to give an expression.

The Turkey is made ... but hang on ... it's Thanksgiving!

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