Practice using a Paper Cone
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The illustrations below show simple patterns made with the falling and the contact method. The contact method is used when you want to vary the thickness of the lines such as a dot. Control the thickness of the line by adjusting the pressure of your thumb. Squeezing harder makes a thicker line.

line11.gif (1534 bytes) This is mostly used for petits fours or rectangular cakes. Pipe 2 triangles and one loop on top of each other.
line12.gif (1686 bytes) Pipe 3 times the same pattern using different length on top of each other.
line13.gif (1108 bytes) The musical note uses a touch of the the contact method. Start from the inside out and make sure you end in a dot (not a Hershey's Kisses)
line14.gif (1919 bytes) A simple swan, start playing with your piping thickness for more contrast.

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