Christmas Decoration with Candles

This decoration can be piped using colored frosting. For more contrast, you can use colored marzipan for the candles.

xmasck04.gif (9397 bytes) This decoration requires an even number of candles. The amount of candles should be the same as the servings per cake to avoid any food fights.

With a paper cone only:
Using a paper cone with dark frosting, pipe the lines, the dots, then the candle outlines. Fill the candles with red icing, use yellow icing for the flames.
Write a holiday greeting.

With a paper cone and marzipan:
Using a paper cone with dark frosting, pipe lines and dots.
For the candles:
Roll out red marzipan, cut out candles.
Roll out white marzipan and cut circles, air brush for some highlight effects (optional).
Assemble and pipe flames on top using yellow icing
Write a holiday greeting.

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