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What's new at the PastryWiz Food Resource Center?

1) PastryWiz goes Italian
2) The Book Awards
3) Do you know?
4) Quick Updates

1) PastryWiz goes Italian

More Italian food at http://www.PastryWiz.com/season/italy.htm
Chef Michael, an European Certified Master Chef shares with you some of his favorite Italian recipes. How about some Whole Wheat Cannelloni with Tomato Coulis and Pesto Sauce? This dish was created for the "Swiss National Skiing Team" in 1990. Hey, no wonder they ski that well.

What would an Italian theme page be without pizza? Join Chef Mani Niall as he shares with you the History of Pizza. Several pizza recipes have also been added.
Italian Food & Fun continues at  http://www.PastryWiz.com/season/italy.htm

2) James Beard Foundation Book Awards
Each year, the James Beard Foundation honors outstanding chefs, restaurants, and cookbooks at a gala ceremony in New York City. The cookbook awards are given in a variety of categories, ranging from "Baking and Desserts" to "Writing on Food." You will find the Winners and Nominees from 1989 through 1998 at http://www.PastryWiz.com/store/jamesbeard.htm

In addition you will find the Julia Child Cookbook Awards, 1996-1998, at http://www.PastryWiz.com/store/juliachild.htm

3) Do you know?
... a source from which to purchase cherry chips. They are needed for a recipe in the book "57 more of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the World" by Zisman and Zisman at http://www.PastryWiz.com/store/dessert1.htm and several visitors have been asking about them.
More questions can be found at http://www.PastryWiz.com/talk/foodtalk.htm

4) Quick updates

A record number of new food related websites have been announced at http://www.PastryWiz.com/search/whathot.htm

Several new job opportunities have been posted to http://www.PastryWiz.com/talk/job_toc.htm

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