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1) Cookies from Europe
A new cookie theme page is just around the corner. Are you up to the challenge? "PastryWiz tuet Gueztle" is currently available in German and features cookie, chocolate and gingerbread recipes from Germany and Switzerland. An English version will be available within a week. The German version can be found at http://www.sweettechnology.com/swiss/
NEW: "PastryWiz tuet Gueztle" is now available in English. This reminds me, I still have to buy almond meal to make some Brunsli over the weekend. You can find the recipes at http://www.sweettechnology.com/theme/cookie.htm

2) Cakes by Design : The Magical World of Sugar Art
In New York City Scott Clark Woolley, Michael G. Farace, and Scott Clard Woolley teach a unique and easy technique for making stunning sugar-paste flowers and ornaments. Their craft has drawn raves from Tiffany, Cartier, Caroline Kennedy, and Martha Stewart among others. Now they have assembled their 15 years' expertise into a complete step-by-step how-to and idea book. More information can be found at http://www.pastrywiz.com/store/month12.htm

3) The Almost No-Fat Holiday Cookbook
Festive Vegetarian Recipes from New Year's to Kwanzaa, celebrate the holidays that make up our cultural fabric, without losing your waistline in the process. Includes a special chapter on holiday baking. Additional reviews can be found at http://www.pastrywiz.com/store/holiday.htm

4) Quick updates
The Baker's Trade - A Recipe for Creating the Successful Small Bakery has been added to the Educational gastronomic business books section. Several new releases have been added to our vegetarian selection and three new releases are available from Martha Stewart. A complete list can be found at http://www.pastrywiz.com/store/category.htm

Several new job opportunities have been posted to http://www.pastrywiz.com/talk/job_toc.htm

5) Volunteers needed
I am looking for volunteers that would like to help out in Food Talk  http://www.pastrywiz.com/talk/foodtalk.htm to help fellow chefs with baking questions and/or other problems.

7) Question of the Month
How does that pear get into the bottle? Participate in our new question of the month survey.

8) Food Search
There has been a lot of activity in Food Search. Several new food related website announcements have been posted at http://www.pastrywiz.com/search/whathot.htm


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