Identify which products you sell are losers. Eliminate them and concentrate on the profitable ones. To do that you need to analyze the following.

  • How much wastage and spoilage is associated with a particular product?
  • What is your true ingredient cost?
  • What is the labor ratio for each product?
  • How much is the variance between your estimated and actual yield?
  • Do you have lots of returns, credits and complaints for a certain item?
  • Which product category is the most profitable?
  • Which product category has the longest shelve live and generates the highest profit margin?
  • How much packaging does a specific item require?
  • What is your inventory turn around?
Delivery (Wholesale)

Identify your best routes and your most profitable customers. Identify which customers cause you more harm than good.

  • How far apart are your customer?
  • How much time is spent for each delivery?
  • How much packaging is used for each delivery?
  • Are your customers faxing in their orders?
  • What is the ratio between Accounts Receivable and monthly sales?
  • Are you setup to accept standing orders?
  • Put more time and effort into finding better customers.
Customer (Retail)

Identify the purchasing pattern of your current customer base. Boost sales by sending special occasion reminders to your repeat customer base.

  • Do you have a customer database?
  • Would you know how many of your customers are repeat customers?
  • Do you know you average ticket size?
  • Do you know what they ordered last week?
How can Computers affect your bottom line and help you business?
  • A computerized POS can increase average check by up to 10% over a manual system. Most of this goes right to the bottom line. There are many case studies that confirm this.
  • An integrated time management system (time clock) can reduce hourly payroll by up to 5%. Obvious bottom line savings.
  • An integrated inventory control system can reduce costs by competitive purchasing, reduction of waste and theft.
  • In house accounting and payroll can reduce outside service expense and provide more timely information to the operator.

In Summary, computer automation can add up to 20% to your bottom line.

Retailers lost billions to theft in 1995

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