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Delicate Cherub
4-tier wedding cake with 2 satellite cakes and fountain.

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9" Cake

  1. Take a 6" tier plate and attach four of the 6" Support Legs that you already cut down to the height of your 9" cake. Push the legs through to the bottom of the 9" cake. Take out the plate and the legs. You now have your holes marked for later.
  2. Ice cake.
  3. Repeat decorating procedure the same way as you did on the 12" cake.
  4. Again, take four of the included 4" Cupid Columns - Ivory and attach them to the 6" tier plate that you pushed into the cake. Then take another 6" tier plate and attach it to the top of the Cupid Columns.
  5. Pipe small roses and rosebuds with a #104 and leaves with a #67 using the marks from step 4.

6" Cake

  1. Ice cake.
  2. Divide and mark the cake into 8 sections.
  3. Wrap Picot Ribbon around bottom of cake.
  4. For bottom border, pipe a shell border with tip #22.
  5. Using the marks that you have previously made, pipe a shell drape with a #16.
  6. Then pipe a smaller drape inside of the large drape with a #3 as shown in picture.
  7. Pipe a string drape over large drape with a #2.
  8. Pipe a loop at every other intersection with a #2.
  9. Pipe rosettes at intersections with a #16.
  10. For top border, pipe a reverse shell border with a #16.
  11. Pipe small rosebuds with a #104 and leaves with a #67 using the marks that you have previously made.

8" Satellite Cakes

  1. Ice and decorate the satellite cakes the same way as you decorated the 6" cake.
  2. Take a 9" tier plate and attach four of the 4" Cupid Columns - Ivory.
  3. Place satellite cake on top of plate.
  4. Place corsage on satellite cake.

Optional Instructions:

  1. Place B7220 Cherub Fountain - Resin inside of B2160 Acrylic Fountain Stand.
  2. Stack 6", 9", 12" and 16" cakes on cake boards on top of Acrylic Fountain Stand.
  3. Take satellite cakes and plate one at either side of fountain stand as shown.

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