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Piping a lattice effect in to the scallop

Using the pre-cut side template, etch a line directly underneath the top design, i.e. make your curve start and finish inline with the points of the top template.

Using the number 1 tube start piping from the center of the scallop and at an angle. Pipe down to the etched line to the side of the cake.
Make sure that all lines are piped parallel to each other.

When you have come to the end pipe from the center to fill the other side.

To create the lattice effect, begin piping again from the center, but make your angle of piping the inverse to the first lines.

Like before when you come to end of the curve start from the center again to finish this section.
Again, make sure that all lines are piped parallel to each other.

Repeat this to all the other segments on the cake

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