Pulled Sugar and Blown Sugar
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Sugar: boiling - preparing the sugar
Swan: you needblowing - wings - final
Roses: you need - pulling - leaves - final

Prepare the sugar for pulling and blowing

Now, pour the sugar syrup onto a Silpat mat or on a very lightly oiled marble counter top.

Let the sugar cool for a moment. Then fold the outside edges towards the center using a spatula.

Note for colored sugar:
If colored sugar is required, divide the sugar into portions and rub each portion with some paste color and continue folding it.....


Continue folding the sugar, as this produces even cooling. Otherwise, the outside edges cool faster and harden, while the middle would still be soft.

.. and continue folding....

...until the sugar is cold enough to handle but still warm.

Start pulling the sugar by holding it down with one hand and stretching it out with the other.
Fold it over on itself and continue the pulling and folding until it begins taking on a glossy, shiny satin texture.
You will need to pull and fold the sugar approximately 10 - 20 times to achieve the proper appearance.


The satin look is created by the crystallization of the sugar. Do not pull the sugar more than necessary, as it will crystallize too much and loose it's shine.

Your sugar should have this shiny satin texture when you’re done pulling it.

Place the sugar under the heating lamp.


Let's make a swan or pull sugar roses

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