Decorating a wedding cake

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Basket weave style

The basket weave style is one of my favorite wedding cake styles. Decorated with fresh flowers it will look simply marvelous.




A) Use a basket weave tip and pipe a vertical line down the side of the cake. Pipe several horizontal lines across, leaving space between each line the same width as the tube.


B) Pipe a second vertical line against the ends of the horizontal lines.


C) Again, pipe horizontal lines across, this time fitting them between the first set of horizontal lines.


D) Pipe another vertical line against the end of the horizontal lines and repeat alternating horizontal lines (C) and vertical lines (D) until the whole side of the cake is covered.

E E) The vertical lines can also be piped with a round tip. It is a little more work as you have to switch between two pastry bags, but it is well worth the effort.

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