Wedding Cake Icing and Frostings

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This page covers the most basic cake frostings used
for decorating cakes & wedding cakes!

There are two methods of creating buttercream. The Swiss method and the Italian method.
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Fondant is a sugar syrup that is crystallized to a smooth, creamy white mass and is used for both icing cakes and cake decorations.
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Royal Icing
Royal Icing or glacé royal is made by beating together sugar and egg whites. Working with royal icing is the most important aspect of cake decorating.
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Cake Decorators Icing
Cake Decorators icing is used mostly in the US.
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Marzipan has been used for centuries by pastry chefs all over the world. It can be used in baking and for covering and filling cakes. Marzipan looks fabulous for colorful cake decorations and figurines. Marzipan has to have at least 25 % almonds otherwise it is considered almond paste.
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Sugar paste
An icing sugar and gum based paste, also referred to as Pastillage or roll-out icing. Use for covering cakes and for modelling flowers or sculptures.
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