How to select your wedding cake

When it is time to cut the cake, tradition states that the groom puts his right hand over his brides right hand, and together they make the first slice. The couple is supposed to offer each other a bite (cake in the face is optional).

When you are deciding on the size, style, and type of your wedding cake, there are many things to consider.

Traditionally, wedding cakes have three tiers and are covered with Royal Icing. This doesn't mean that your cake has to be traditional. Colors, chocolate and fresh flowers are gaining much popularity.

There is no right or wrong way to decorate you cake, so have fun while you explore your options.

What to ask your baker?
Be sure to ask plenty of questions and make sure that your final order is in writing showing all charges for fillings, delivery, and/or elaborate decorations.

Most bakeries will and should let you sample their choices of frosting and some even prepare a small grooms cake for you. Look through their cake portfolio to see what styles are available. If you cannot find one that you like, go through cake decoration books and magazines for ideas.

Stacked cakes are becoming more popular because of the shapes they are available in. Hearts  and squares are prevalent, as well as the more traditional circles. Small details such as ribbons, lace, charms, beads, tulle, bows, and streamers add a festive touch.

Once you decide on a bakery, reserve your date. You will need to order your cake in advance, some bakeries require as much as a two month notice.

Most bakeries will also deliver and set up your cake at your reception location. Be sure to ask them if there are any fees involved in doing so.

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