Grammy's Dark Rolls

Yield: 1 dozen

1/2 c Oatmeal (rolled oats)
1/2 c Whole wheat flour
1/8 t Salt
1/4 c Shortening
2 T Molasses
2 T Honey
1 c Water, boiling
1/2 c Water, warm
1/2 oz Yeast (dry), active (2 packages; do not use quick-rising yeast)
1 t Honey
1 Egg
2 1/2 c Flour, unbleached (up to 3 1/2 C)

Combine oatmeal, whole-wheat flour, salt, shortening, molasses and honey. Pour boiling water over all. Mix and let cool.
While cooling, dissolve yeast in warm water with the honey. Add egg to cooled batter, then mix in dissolved yeast.
Add flour until dough is just soft enough to knead. Knead lightly. Place dough in a greased bowl; cover with a damp cloth. Let rise in warm place until doubled in bulk; about one hour.
Punch down dough and cut into 12 equal pieces. Shape each piece into a ball in put into a greased 9-inch pan. Let rise again for 45 minutes.
Bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees F. for 40 minutes.
This recipe has long been part of my Thanksgiving tradition. Marilyn Kushner

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