Bagel step 3: second rise

Bagels - Introduction
Source: The Best Bagels are made at home by Dona Z. Meilach - Order the Book

During the second rising of the dough, the bagels will puff up on the greased baking sheet. cover them with a length of plastic wrap sprayed with nonstick vegetable spray or a very lightly dampened cloth such as a tea towel. Place them in a draft free location and let them rise at room temperature until puffy, about 20 minutes.

Bagels can be refrigerated at this point, should you decide to boil and bake them later, or the next morning. Leave them covered so they do not dry out. Remove from the refrigerator and allow to warm slightly while you boil water and preheat the oven.

The second rise can be speeded up by using the microwave. Fill a 2-cup microwave-safe measuring cup with water and bring the water to a boil. Place in a corner of the microwave. Place the baking sheet of covered bagels in the microwave and close the door, but so not turn on the microwave. The bagels should rise in a bout 6 minutes. (It won't matter if the sheet is metal because you don't turn on the oven.)

Or, spray shaped tops of dough with water. Place bagels on a microwave-safe surface and heat in the microwave on LOW or DEFROST setting for 3 minutes; rest for 3 minutes. Repeat heating and resting until bagels are puffy.

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