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Wedding Cake Stands

Grecian Columns - white, ivory or clear - sold in sets of 12 columns
9" column size may be used for all tier heights and can also be used on stacked cakes. 9" columns are scored at 1/2" intervals on the lower 4" of each column, and can be adjusted by cutting with a small utility saw.
4 inch Grecian Columns
bag of 12
Item: BC-GC-4S - Price: $10
Scored 9 inch Frosted Clear Columns
bag of 12
Item: BC-GC-10SO - Price: $18
Scored White 9 inch Grecian Columns
bag of 12
Item: BC-GC-9SO - Price: $17
9 inch Frosted Clear Multi-Piece Columns
bag of 12
Item: BC-GC-10S - Price: $16
9 inch White Multi-Piece Grecian Columns
bag of 12
Item: BC-GC-9S - Price: $14
Tip! For a 3 tier cake you only need 2 tier plates and 1 set of columns.

Round Cake Tier Plates
sold individually, columns sold separately
Size - Price White Plates
6" Tier Plate $4
7" Tier Plate $5
8" Tier Plate $5
9" Tier Plate $6
10" Tier Plate $7
11" Tier Plate $8
12" Tier Plate $9
13" Tier Plate $10
14" Tier Plate $10

This cake stand can also use square tier plates!!

Instructions on how to assemble this cake stand.

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