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3 tier wedding cake decorating example

Cake Decorating - A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Traditional and Fantasy Cakes by Elaine MacGregor. All rights reserved.


1 x 6-inch round cake
1 x 8-inch round cake
1 x 10-inch round cake
about 6 lbs. Marzipan
about 6 lbs. Fondant Icing
about 3/4 cup Royal Icing

Materials and Decorations:

1 x 6-inch round cake board
1 x 8-inch round cake board
1 x 16-inch round cake board
pastry tips number 0, 1, 42
3 wooden skewers
molded roses: 3 buds, 3 rolled buds, 6 mediums, 5 large
14 ready made gold leaves
food color: gold

Layered Wedding Cake
Each tier of this cake is on its own board. The largest tier sits on a traditionally larger board and the others sit on thin boards the same size as the cakes. This helps distribute the weight of the cakes evenly. When covering the top two cakes, take the fondant right down over the board edges. Lift off the tiers before you cut the cake.
1) Marzipan and fondant ice the cakes in three shades of gold. Let dry. Scribe the curve for the scalloped lines onto the fondant following an embroidery pattern.
2) Using tip number 1, pipe the scalloped lines first and fill in the rest of the embroidery freehand with tip number 0. Start with a flower in the center and work outwards in both directions, filling in with forget-me-nots, stems and leaves. Overpipe the scallop so that it stands out well from the cake using tip number 0.
3) To assemble the cake, drive three wooden skewers into the bottom and middle tiers to give extra support. Cut the skewers off level with the top of the cake. Sit the next tier on top and hold it in place with a dab or two of royal icing. Pipe shell borders around the joints here one cake meets another using tip number 42.

4) To finish the cake position the molded roses and gold leaves, using royal icing to attach them. Decorate the base board with one medium and two large roses and three gold leaves; the bottom tier with three medium roses and three gold leaves; the middle tier with two medium roses and two gold leaves; and the top tier with three buds, three rolled buds, three large roses and six gold leaves. Place the top tier arrangement on a small ball of fondant to give it height. Make sure the fondant is invisible when the cake is completed.

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