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Get ready: cupcakes or flag cake
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Icing and decorating the Cupcakes

Bake the cupcakes and let cool.....

You need 3 pastry bags with a hair grass tip containing red, white and blue icing and a pastry bag with a star tip with yellow icing.

Taking any color you choose, press slightly on the pastry bag and pull away from you. The icing will come out of the tube looking like grass.

To make the flag cupcakes you will need to pipe 4 blue, 8 white and 8 red cupcakes.

bigger picture

Pipe some yellow stars on top of the blue cupcakes and arrange the cupcakes to resemble a flag..

You can add any decorations you prefer. Here are some other ideas of different decorations that can be used to decorate your cupcakes:

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  • red, white, and blue star candy sprinkles
  • flag, bell, Uncle Sam picks, firework picks
  • edible glitter
  • sparklers

decorate the flag cake or make another 4th of July desserts!

4th of July - Flag cake - Flag cupcakes - 4th of July candies - Uncle Sam Modeling

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