The Beverage of the Kings

The story begins in the jungles of lowland Mexico and Central America with the tree Theobroma cacao and the complex processes necessary to transform its bitter seeds into delicious chocolate, known perhaps some three thousand years ago.
This was centuries before chocolate was consumed, traded, and used as currency by the sophisticated Maya, and the Aztecs after them.

The Spanish conquest of Central America introduced chocolate to Europe, where it first became the stimulating drink of kings and aristocrats and then was democratized in coffee houses. Industrialization in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries made chocolate a food for the masses--until its revival in our own time as a luxury item.
The True History of Chocolate
Sophie D. Coe Michael D. Coe
ISBN#: 0500016933
Publisher: Thames Hud
Format: Hardcover
Publication Date: May 1996
Pub. Price $27.50 ~ Our estimated Price: $19.25

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