Hans Burie's Belgian Chocolate Car

Yes, it's true! A chocolate car made with 800 kilogram, 1800 pounds, or 28,800 ounces of Belgian chocolate! WOW!!

How much Chocolate?
800 kilogram, 1800 pounds, or 28,800 ounces is equal to:
19,200 bars of Hershey's 1.5 oz. Chocolate Symphony or
9,600 bars of Lindt 3 oz. Chocolate (US-size) or
8,228 bars of Lindt 3 1/2 oz. Chocolate (yes, chocolate bars in Europe are bigger)

Look at the size of this Masterpiece!!

The chocolate car is the same size as an actual Opel (European car). A whole new meaning of "Fahrvergnügen".

5 Chocolatiers were working on this car for 4 weeks, from 7 am until 10 pm.
The car is made with milk, dark, and white Belgium Callebaut chocolate.

Copyright: Hans Burie 1940 - 2000

Hans Burie's Belgian Chocolate Store
Stefaniestraat 8
Antwerpen 2018
Tel +32 3 237 12 42

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