Swiss Style Lebkuchen Recipes for Gingerbread Cookies and/or Houses

Gingerbread Dough Version 1

6.5 lbs honey
3 lbs sugar
1 lb water
15 lbs bread flour
1 oz ground ginger
1 oz. ground cloves
1 1/2 oz. cinnamon
1/2 oz. ground anise seeds
4 oz. bakers ammonia (triebsalz)***
2 oz. potash*
2 cups milk

Heat honey, sugar and water until melted. Mix bakers ammonia with 1 cup of milk. Mix potash with 1 cup of milk. Mix all ingredients into a dough. Let stand in refrigerator for 3-4 days. Roll out as desired.

* Potash:
Potassium Carbonate, bicarbonate of soda

Gingerbread Dough Version 2

3 lbs honey
10 oz. sugar
3 oz. sorbex**
1 lbs eggs
8 oz. milk
1 oz. bakers ammonia (triebsalz)***
1/4 oz. ground ginger
1/4 oz. ground cloves
1/2 oz. cinnamon
1/3 oz. ground anise seeds
10 oz. rye flour
4.5 lbs bread flour

Using a hook smoothen honey in the mixer. Add eggs, sugar and sorbex and whip until slightly airy and smooth.
Mix bakers ammonia with milk. Add milk and the rest of the ingredients to the egg mixture and knead well.
Rest overnight in the refrigerator. Roll out as desired.

Make a gingerbread house! Follow our step-by-step instructions.

** Sorbex - Sorbitol liquid
Sorbitol is classified as a hexahydric sugar alcohol and is commercially available as a 70 % liquid (solution in water). Sorbitol will increase the smoothness of the dough and is also used to increase shelf live.
Sugar alcohols, which include sorbitol, xylitol, maltitol, maltitol syrup, and hydrogenated starch hydrolysates, are found naturally in berries, apples, plums and other foods. They also are produced commercially from carbohydrates such as sucrose, glucose and starch. Most sugar alcohols are approximately half as sweet as sucrose; maltitol and xylitol are about as sweet as sucrose. As a group, sugar alcohols are incompletely absorbed and metabolized and consequently contribute fewer calories than other carbohydrates.

*** Baker's Ammonia (ammonium carbonate)
An old-fashioned leavener. It gives off a noxious smell (phew!) while baking, but the odor dissipates by the time baking is complete, leaving extra-crisp cookies or crackers.

Sugar Glaze for decoration
Mix a 1/2 pound of powdered sugar with 1 egg-white and 1-2 teaspoon lemon juice.

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