31 Sensationally Spooky Halloween Ideas

Tricks and Treats

19. Play the trick and treats game. Individually number brown paper bags. Put a small toy prize or treat in each. Prepare pieces of paper, each with a number and a designated trick, like hopping on one foot or doing a somersault. Put all the numbers in a bowl. Have each child pick one and perform the trick written on it. Then they get the corresponding numbered treat bag!

20. Hold a musical costume parade. Trick or treaters march around the block playing assorted homemade instruments. Use rhythm sticks, shakers, harmonicas, empty box drums, etc.

21. Start a group ghost story. Sit in a circle and start a ghost story. Each guest adds on to the story until it reaches its unnatural scary ending!

22. Remember tried-and-true Halloween apple traditions. Bob for apples. Make caramel apples. Play the bite-an-apple-swinging-from-a-string game.

23. Videotape short interviews with your costumed revelers as they arrive. Watch the tape later in the evening for rollicking entertainment.

24. Make scarecrows. Stuff old jeans, flannel shirts, socks, gloves and hats with scrunched up newspaper. Use an inflated balloon or a plastic jack-o'-lantern for a head. Hang the scarecrow from a tree limb or inside from a hanging pole to greet your Halloween guests.

25. Wrap candy and snacks in squares of aluminum foil and twist shut.

26. Give Halloween-themed pencils, erasers, stickers, temporary tattoos or other small prizes instead of candy to your trick-or-treaters.

27. Put dry ice and hot water in a large bowl. Nestle a smaller bowl inside the larger one, filled with your Halloween giveaways.

28. Play a tape of haunted house sound effects amplified outside your house, or as background ambience for your party.

Crafty Costumes

29. Search thrift shops and garage sales for costume supplies for hobos, pirates, royalty, cowhands, and other characters. Fill laundry baskets full of possibilities and let guests create their own. Award prizes for best-dressed, worst-dressed, and scariest.

30. Paint eye masks and scary faces on little tricksters instead of wearing masks.

31. Use old eyeliner to draw creepy tattoos and highlight face make-up.

Source: Patty Sachs - celebrations expert and author of several books, including Pick A Party

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