Halloween Lunch Box

A Halloween-themed lunch will add ghoulish gaiety to your child's day (or your husband's or wife's, for that matter). Pack all the treats in a paper bag, add some Spider Rings and print the word BOO on the front in black tempera paint.
Peanut butter and jelly, or luncheon meats and cheeses

1 apple
1 lemon wedge
Raisins or dried fruits

2 carrots
6 seedless grapes
Salad dressing

Serves 1

Glow In Dark Spider
Spider Rings
  1. To make Ghost-wiches: Using cookie cutter (or do it freehand), cut bread into ghost shapes. Cut out O's for the eyes and mouth with the point of a pastry tip or plastic condiment bottle. Spread the ghostly bread slices with peanut butter and jelly, or if you're really ambitious, use the same cookie cutter to cut your child's favorite luncheon meats and cheeses into spooky shapes.
  2. To make Apple Jack-O'-Lanterns: Choose an apple with a stem, and slice off its top to form a jack-o'-lantern lid. Using an apple corer, carefully remove the core to within 1/2 inch of the blossom end. With a melon baller, or a sharp edged spoon, hollow out the whole apple, leaving a 1/2 inch-thick shell. With a paring knife, cut out the eyes and mouth. Rub all the cut surfaces with a lemon wedge to prevent browning. Fill the apple jack-o'-lantern with raisins or dried fruits, replace the lid, and wrap well in plastic wrap.
  3. To make Witch's Hair and Goblin's Eyeballs: Peel and shred 2 carrots, and peel 6 seedless grapes. Combine the carrots and grapes in a bowl, add your child's favorite salad dressing, and toss well. Spoon into a small plastic container with a tight-fitting top, and pack a plastic spoon.

Source: Halloween Treats, Chronicle Books 1998

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