decor1 Decorating Idea

This cake is covered with a Mocca Butter cream. The flowers are made out of marzipan and are set onto a chocolate plaque made out of vanilla (dark) and white couverture.

cake Decorating Idea

This cake is covered with whip cream and has chocolate shaving around the sides. It is decorated with triangles cut out of white and vanilla (dark) couverture.

Peach Delight Cake

This cake uses white and chocolate sponge and is filled with a peach puree whip cream filling. It is garnished with whip cream and peach slices. Some roasted almonds are sprinkled onto the middle of the cake for color contrast.

Fresh Strawberry Fruit Tart Tip of the day!!

Brush the tart shell with melted chocolate to prevent the crust from getting soggy. More Strawberry!

chocpizza Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Pizza

This is from a project that I was working on for a local pizza franchiser.

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