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The Perfect Wedding

The Perfect Wedding
by Maria McBride-Mellinger, Unk
Hardcover - 336 pages (January 1997)
ISBN: 0062586637
Dimensions (in inches): 1.01 x 9.67 x 7.80
List Price: $40.00 ~ Our est Price: $28.00
From the Publisher:
Congratulations on your engagement. And welcome to the world of a thousand questions.
Can I wear a very formal gown at my daytime wedding? Do the bridesmaids' dresses have to be the same? When should I send out the wedding invations? What services are included in a hotel wedding? How do I know how much Champagne to order?
The answers to all these questions, as well as to the countless choices and details ahead, are yours for the asking in The Perfect Wedding. Whatever type of celebration you're dreaming of, bridal expert Maria McBride-Mellinger can help make it a reality, tailored to your tastes, your temperament, and your budget. A comprehensive, knowledgeable text, illustrated throughout with beautiful color photographs, offers advice and creative ideas every step of the way:

Your Engagement: choosing a fine diamond with confidence; where to get customized wedding bands.
Planning: making decisions calmly, and in the right order; how and where to register for bridal gifts.
Fashion: designing your own bouquet; finding the best flowers of the season.
The Ceremony: decorating church or temple; choosing a musical program.
The Reception: planning an affordable caviar-and Champagne party; enjoying your own wedding.

In a unique feature of The Perfect Wedding, Ms. McBride-Mellinger shares her retail and service sources as well. The most extensive listings ever published of the best bridal talent in the country, both regional and national--the author's own "insider Rolodex"--connect you quickly and easily with exactly the right people to help you create you own Perfect Wedding. No bride-to-be could wish for a better gift.

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