Dressing Up the Home for Thanksgiving
The turkey isn't the only thing that needs dressing on Thanksgiving. You can give your home a festive feel as well. Below we've suggested some decorations that are easy to make for the house and Thanksgiving table.

Pumpkin Placecards
Do you have a problem telling everyone where to sit around the dining room table? Solve that in a decorative way with mini-pumpkin placecards. Go to your local produce stand or grocery store and pick up enough miniature pumpkins - sometimes called gourds - for everyone at the table. Then label each pumpkin with a guest's name. We suggest using a paint pen or marker of some kind. Now you have a festive and hassle-free way to let everyone know where he or she is supposed to sit during the meal.

A Simple and Elegant Table
Often times the most attractive decorations are the most distinct and simple ones. Why not try combining table linens with a fresh floral centerpiece? You can put the flowers either in a vase or cornucopia basket. For added pizzazz include seasonal vegetables. Make sure you take advantage of the autumn colors with your floral selections. When it comes to linens it may be nice to pick up some dressy placemats in fall colors. For a more traditional look try a lace tablecloth.

More Décor
The dining room table is not the only part of your home that needs decorating during the holidays. Fall wreaths and swags are always a good way to dress up doors and walls. This year however, why not think outside the box? Try using party platters and fruit baskets to decorate the rooms where your guests will be gathering. Stop by your local craft store and pick up some faux leaves to dress up the platters. Add a bow in fall colors to a basket filled with fruit and you're done! Now your guests have something pretty to look at as well as some great munchies to snack on throughout the day.

Interesting ! Thanksgiving Factoid
The Guinness Book of Records notes that the largest weight recorded for a turkey is 86 lbs. The oversized bird was weighed at a "heaviest turkey competition" in London, England in 1989.


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