How to pipe a sweet message
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Let's get ready!!

You can make this decoration by either using sugarpaste or marzipan. You will need the following equipment and ingredients:

Marzipan - recipe - buy it
or Sugarpaste - recipe - buy it
red food color
Rolling Pin
Cookie cutter heart shape

Before modelling, the marzipan is kneaded until smooth and colored as needed. Only food colors can be used which are available in a paste, powder or liquid form. The color is firmly mixed into the marzipan until the desired shade has been reached. Go easy on the colors, they are rather strong! You can always add more! If the color is too strong, simply add some more white marzipan to lighten it.
Marzipan that is too firm can be softened by adding some sugar syrup. If the marzipan is too soft simply add some sifted icing sugar (powdered sugar) until the preferred consistency is reached.

Roll out red marzipan to the desired thickness. You can use a "little" icing sugar to prevent the marzipan from sticking to the rolling pin.
Cut hearts and arrange on a sheetpan dusted with icing sugar or lined with panliner.
Write your sweet message using a paper cone or pastry bag filled with Royal Icing or Cake Decorators icing. Decorate your Valentines Cakes.
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