The true history of Bagels!

Where did these dense and chewy bread-like things come from--and why the hole?
1610--The first written mention of the bagel, "beygls to be gifts to women in childbirth". No mention of the hole is made until...

1683-An unknown Jewish baker in Vienna is credited with creating, or at least popularizing the bagel. He wanted to honor the Polish King John III's skill as a horsemen and for protecting his country from invaders. The round shape of the bagel resembles a horses stirrup (especially the irregular, hand rolled variety). The Austrian word for stirrup is beugel!

1880's-Hundreds of thousands of Eastern European Jews emigrate to America, bringing their taste for bagels. And yes, hot bagels are threaded onto dowels for sale by street vendors in Manhattan.

1956--The New York Times states "The bagel, a baked good sometimes described as a donut with rigor mortis, is here to stay"

1988-1993 Bagel consumption doubles during this 6 year period. Americans are now consuming over 5 million bagels a year. Many have never tasted the real, dense, chewy item, but that is now possible with a phone call...

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