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Chocolatier Magazine Subscription Chocolatier Magazine is the Magazine for pastry chefs and cake decorators. Each issue is packed with sumptuous chocolate creations, articles from famous chefs and celebrity personalities, and the latest in culinary tools and unique gift items.

Chocolatier is like a rich chocolate truffle, as soon as you've finished reading one issue, you want another. So why not subscribe now and save!
Get a year's worth of recipes, restaurant and travel tips, and the definitive guide to new, deluxe chocolate confections at one of the lowest prices around.

Chocolatier and Pastry Arts have combined into Dessert Professionals

Chocolatier Magazine is now Dessert Professionals!!

New Dessert Professionals

Dessert Professionals - A taste of the good life
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Dessert Professionals
6 Issues - 1 year
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also see Dessert Professional 2 year Subscription

Chocolatier and Pastry Arts have combined into Dessert Professionals

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