Young People Magazine Subscriptions

Boys Life
1 Year - 12 issues. Created as a general service magazine to serve the interests of young boys. Edit…. read more.
Price: $18
Children's Ministry
1 Year - 6 issues. Changing the lives of children together. Get hundreds of ideas to create a progra…. read more.
Price: $24.95
9 Months - 9 issues. Encourages the development of good habits, high ideals of physical and mental h…. read more.
Price: $17.95
Right On
1 Year - 6 issues. Edited primarily for African American youths and young adults. Focuses on the BIG…. read more.
Price: $21.95
1 Year - 12 issues. Created for young people involved in skateboarding, snowboarding, and related pu…. read more.
Price: $15.95
1 Year - 6 issues. A preschooler's very own magazine! Full of colorful picture stories, activities a…. read more.
Price: $15.95

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