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Shipping Information
The arrival of your first issue depends on the frequency of the magazine you've chosen. Receipt of your first issue may take up to 12 weeks. These are standard industry lead times, and we make every effort to expedite your order.

Here is a basic guideline:
Bi-monthly publications - 6 to 8 weeks
Monthly publications - 5 to 7 weeks
Weekly publications - 4 to 6 weeks
Daily publications - 1 to 2 weeks

Back Issues
We are unable to process any back issue requests.

Billing Questions
We are only able to help you if you placed your original order or renewal on this website or were charged by NPS aka Discountpress. Please, always include your order number in any correspondence. 99% of the billing questions that we receive are for subscription orders placed through other resellers. For billing problems or questions, you should always contact the individual reseller or publisher directly.
We do not have any contact information for individual publishers available.
Can you send me a bill?
Sorry, to offer the lowest cost subscription prices all magazine subscription prices quoted are for prepaid orders only.

Please use our online email support request form for questions and comments or write to:

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Please note that this location is not a Retail Stores and is not open to the public.
It's always faster and more reliable to use our online email support request form!! Please be sure to include an e-mail address with all requests, otherwise we will not be able to respond to your inquire.

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