How long can I keep this in the Freezer?

When shopping, place frozen foods in the cart last, immediately before checking out. Take the foods directly home and place in freezer.
For storage of meat and poultry purchased frozen, see refrigerated foods chart.
Food is properly frozen at a temperature range between -4 and 4 F or -20 and -15 C!
Did you check your Freezer lately?
Frozen item Freezer In refrigerator after thawing
Bagels 2 months 1-2 weeks
Bread dough, commercial Use-by date After baking, 4-7 days
Burritos, sandwiches 2 months 3-4 days
Egg substitutes 12 months Date on carton
Fish, breaded 3 months Do not defrost. Cook frozen.
Fish, raw 6 months 1 day
Fruit such as berries, melons 4-6 months 4-5 days
Guacamole 3-4 months 3-4 days
Ice cream 2-4 months Not applicable
Juice concentrates 6-12 months 7-10 days
Lobster tails 3 months 2 days
Pancakes, waffles 2 months 3-4 days
Sausages, uncooked 1-2 months 1-2 days
Sausages, precooked 1-2 months 7 days
Sherbert, sorbet 2-4 months Not applicable
Shrimp, shellfish 12 months 1 day
Topping, whipped 6 months 2 weeks
TV dinners, entrees, breakfast 3 months Do not defrost. Cook frozen.
Vegetables 8 months 3-4 days

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