How to make a Valentine Kissing Frog Cake
Let's make a kissing frog!!

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Suggestion: To attach small pieces, press the marzipan onto a sponge soaked in sugar syrup.

Before modelling, the marzipan is kneaded until smooth and colored as needed. Only food colors can be used which are available in a paste, powder or liquid form. The color is firmly mixed into the marzipan until the desired shade has been reached. Go easy on the colors, they are rather strong! You can always add more! If the color is too strong, simply add some more white marzipan to lighten it.
Marzipan that is too firm can be softened by adding some sugar syrup. If the marzipan is too soft simply add some sifted icing sugar (powdered sugar) until the preferred consistency is reached.

Modelling generally always starts with a round ball that is created by rolling the marzipan between the palms of your hands.
Similarly to play dough, the shape can then be modified either by changes in hand positioning and hand pressure or by rolling the marzipan into strings (strips, rope).

Roll a round ball of marzipan into the shape of the body (almost egg shaped)

Roll two strings of the same length and thickness to be used as the legs.

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Flowers: 1-800-flowers - send flowers worldwide
Pets: Buy your pet a Valentine's Toy

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