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Step-by-Step Cake Decorating Instructions

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Creating blossoms

Roll out a small amount of white sugarpaste onto a lightly cornflour dusted table. If it has been a particularly hot day, you may wish to add some gum tragacanth to the paste to help it keep its shape.

Using the blossom cutter cut out a blossom. To prevent the paste from drying out, before you have finished with it, place a piece of cling film over it.

Using the number 1 tube pipe a dot of icing on the bottom of the blossom.

Hold the cutter where you are going to place the blossom, along the etched side line.

And push it out to stick it in position.. Repeat until you have covered all the etched lines around the cakes.

Pipe a dot into the middle of each blossom to finish them.

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