Gingerbread House

PastryWiz Step-by-Step Instructions:
get ready - gingerbread dough - templates - windows - building - decorating - adding lights - final

Gingerbread Glass Windows

To "stain glass" the windows, crush 3 or 4 hard candies.

We used butterscotch candies to get the golden color, but you can use any color candy you like or create your own.

Place the crushed candies in the window openings you made.
Return the front of the house to the oven for five more minutes to allow the candy to melt and fill out the windows.

Cool slightly before removing from tray so that the candy can set.

Place all the pieces on wire rack to cool completely.

Now let's make the royal icing while the gingerbread is cooling.

Beat the egg white until frothy and gradually add confectioners sugar to make a thick icing. Beat in lemon juice thoroughly.

Add more confectioners sugar if needed. The texture should be such that it will drizzle slowly from a spoon, but not fall off.

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