Fruit Pavlova
first created in the early 1930s in honor of the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova.

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Prep - Meringue - Piping - Filling - Garnish - Final

Preparing the Meringue

Separate the eggs very carefully and keep the whites or use egg white meringue powder, reconstitute with cold water as per instructions, leave for at least 30 minutes to ensure all powder has dissolved and then continue as if you were using fresh egg whites.

I prefer to use the meringue powder, as you don't have to waste the egg yolk. If you prefer fresh eggs, you could use the leftover egg yolks as egg wash or for another dessert.

Add the egg whites into the bowl.

Measure out a quarter of a teaspoon of salt and add it to the egg whites. Turn the machine on and whisk until the mixture is white and slightly fluffy.

Scale the caster sugar, turn the machine back on and add the sugar gradually to the bowl.

Whisk the mixture until very stiff and peaky.

Now whisk in the cornstarch (cornflour), than the vinegar, and finally a quarter of a teaspoonful of vanilla.

Give the mixture a final turn.


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