Thanksgiving Turkey Decoration
PastryWiz step-by-step decorating instructions

you need - body - head - tail feathers - beak & legs
wings - head piping - cooking instructions - final

The turkey's beak and legs

With a pinch of yellow paste make a cone.

Slightly wet the wide end of the cone and press it onto the front of the head.

Oh look it's a beak. :)


Using the ball modeling tool dent two eye holes into the head.

Now the legs ...

Roll out a thin sausage of yellow paste and cut two equal lengths from it.

Wet the ends of the paste and stick one length of yellow paste to each of the small balls of choc/dark Brown paste.

Trim to your desired length of leg.

To make the feet start with the a small ball of yellow paste and give it a squash.

Using the small knife trim off the sides of the circle at an angle and then cut out two V's. Which should give you a foot with three toes.

Make one more foot.

Dampen the end of the leg and press the feet into place.

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