Making a paper cone:
Adapted from Professional Baking

cone1.gif (2173 bytes) a) Hold the paper triangle as shown, grasping the center of the long side between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand.
cone2.gif (1882 bytes) b) With the right hand, roll the top corner down to the center of the triangle. Hold the paper in this position with the right hand.
cone3.gif (912 bytes) c) With the left hand, roll the bottom corner up to complete the cone.
cone4.gif (885 bytes) d) Adjust the cone so that the point is completely closed and the point is sharp. Fold down the loose edges of the open end of the cone so that if does not unroll.
cone5.gif (3518 bytes) e) Fill the cone and fold the open end several times so that it is tightly closed. With scissors, cut off a very small piece of the tip of the cone. Hold the cone between the thumb and fingers as shown.

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