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The illustrations below show simple patterns made with the falling method that the beginner should practice and master before proceeding to more complicated designs. Any of these designs can be practiced by first drawing it in dark ink on a sheet of paper, then placing a sheet of translucent parchment or a plate of glass over the design. Pipe the icing onto the parchment, using the design as a guide.

line01.gif (555 bytes) Make sure you apply constant pressure on the cone so that all the lines are equally thick. Try to pipe straight lines (not easy I know!) and keep the space between the lines constant.
line02.gif (3184 bytes) All lines need to be equally thick Keep the spacing between the lines constant in every direction so that the squares have sides of equal length.
line03.gif (838 bytes) Here again, keep the spacing between the lines constant so that all lines are of the same length, resulting in an unfinished square.
line04.gif (741 bytes) All lines need to be equally thick and all waves of equal length, depth and height.
line05.gif (1303 bytes) This is the same as above, but with a second wave line piped on top in the same, but upside down matter.

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