Chocolate Wedding Cake
How to decorate a chocolate wedding cake!
step-by-step cake decorating instructions

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Chocolate Preparations

Make a small cut to the end of the icing bag and have a play with the chocolate as it pours from the bag onto the paper on the table.

Pipe some chocolate hearts or any other shape you like. I piped 3 hearts within each other. Pipe 20 + hearts and leave to set.

Pipe the piped chocolate top design
Make any shapes you like.....I've made a looping design by swirling the bag up and down to the same fixed point.....any shapes you don't like and any chocolate that goes too cool to pipe with, you can put back into the bowl to remelt....

When you're happy with your pattern make several and leave to cool and go hard.

It is always a good idea to pipe extras, just in case one breaks.

Assemble the Cake

Place five plastic cake dowels into the 12" cake, cut level and fix the 10" cake on top using a little melted chocolate...making sure the cake is in the centre....
Place four plastic cake dowels into the middle of the 10" cake to provide support for the central ornamental cake support and cut level.

Position the ornamental cake support in the middle of the 10" cake and fix with a little melted chocolate.

Place the 6" cake on top of the support to test how sturdy your construction is......adjust accordingly.


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