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Finishing the 4th of July cake

Add some excitement to the side of the cake by sticking three stripes of red ribbon around the cake using a spot of royal icing.
Trim the board with red ribbon using glue.

Mix up a small amount of blue royal icing, fill an icing bag with a number 1 or 1.5 Becknal or PME icing tube and pipe "July 4th !" onto a sugar plaque.

With a blob of royal icing fix the plaque to the front of the cake.
Add the stars and silver coils by pushing the wire into the cake near to the body.

You'll notice that I have added two large flags. I have made mine from paper so they will keep flying. The plastic and material ones tended to droop.

Take a look at a larger picture of Uncle Sam celebrating July 4th....... with the final addition of a small white star on his hat.


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