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Click for a bigger pictureUncle Sam Celebrates July 4th

step-by-step cake decorating instructions

get ready - getting started - the body - the head - hands & cloth - cloth details - burst from the cake - star decorations - final assembly of your 4th of July cake

Let's get started

I have created Uncle Sam using Sugarpaste stiffened up by adding gum tragacanth, if however you wish to use marzipan instead then ignore the bits where I add the gum tragacanth, as marzipan when of top quality is stiff enough already.

Chop in the gum tragacanth so it doesn't go up your nose when you knead it up. Add about two heaped tea spoons to 8oz of paste.

Alter the amount if you feel the need.

Knead in the gum until the paste is smooth again.

Roll out a fat sausage and chop off a lump.

this is the body.

Roll out a length of paste narrower and longer than the body.

Cut two lengths for the arms, making one end of each cut at an angle.

For the legs, roll out a length of paste and cut the legs slightly fatter than the arms.

make one leg shorter than the other.

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