Fourth of July Recipes, Candy and Cake Decorating

Click for a bigger picture Uncle Sam Celebrates July 4th
step-by-step cake decorating instructions

get ready - getting started - the body - the head - hands & cloth - cloth details - burst from the cake - star decorations - final assembly of your 4th of July cake

Create Uncle Sam's head

Check if the size of the head is correct for the size of the body you have created.....

Roll one end of the ball to create a neck.....

cut off the end of the neck to give a flat end....

Thread skewer through the head.

Add features to the head by making three small balls of paste.
Adding two to the sides for the ears and one to the front for the nose......

Using the ball tool prod in two eye sockets....


Next: Create the hands and cloth

4th of July - Flag cake - Flag cupcakes - 4th of July candies - Uncle Sam Modeling

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