Fourth of July Recipes, Candy and Cake Decorating

Click for a bigger picture Uncle Sam Celebrates July 4th
step-by-step cake decorating instructions

get ready - getting started - the body - the head - hands & cloth - cloth details - burst from the cake - star decorations - final assembly of your 4th of July cake

Assemble Uncle Sam's body

Bend the one leg which is shorter and put a slight bend in the other......lay them to one side....

Roll another sausage of paste for his hat.....

To strengthen the arms and legs and to stop them from falling off the body etc..... skewer all the limbs except the fully bent leg with the bamboo....

Check if everything is in order and add a skewer to the top of the body where his head will be placed on.....

Making the head....
using peach sugarpaste or any other skin color of your choice if you wish.... add the gum trag to make stiff......

and make a small ball of paste......


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