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Wild About Game : 150 Recipes for Cooking Farm-Raised and Wild Game from Alligator and Antelope to Venison and Wild Turkey
This complete, up-to-date cookbook devoted entirely to game features 150 delicious recipes using alligator, antelope, venison, and wild turkey. 8-page color photo insert. 75 illustrations.
Wild About Game : 150 Recipes for Cooking Farm-Raised and Wild Game from Alligator and Antelope to Venison and Wild Turkey
by Jane Hibler, Janie Hibler
List Price: $30.00 Our Price: $21.00
Hardcover - 320 pages 1 Ed edition (October 13, 1998)
Broadway Books
ISBN: 0767901525
Dimensions (in inches): 1.11 x 9.53 x 7.80
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From Seattle to New York, from Missoula to Miami, game is appearing on many restaurant menus and gracing more and more tables at home. Why? Because game, whether buffalo or boar, partridge or pigeon, is a delicious, low-fat, nutritionally impressive, and versatile alternative to more traditional meats. And since so much game is now farm-raised, it's tender and flavorful, and, best of all, readily available in butcher shops and grocery stores everywhere.

Clearly, the time is right for Wild About Game, a comprehensive, updated cookbook by a nationally recognized expert in cooking game. In this groundbreaking book, Janie Hibler offers detailed information, helpful techniques, and contemporary recipes for wild and farm-raised game. The 150 recipes range from simple dishes--Buffalo Burgers and Roast Muscovy Duck with Persimmons and Figs--to sophisticated ones--Venison Osso Buco and Ostrich Satay.

Wild About Game is divided into chapters by the types of game--birds, large game, and small and exotic game. Each begins with an explanation of each type of animal--wild and farm-raised--including what they eat, how and where to buy their meat, and the best cooking method for each cut. Then comes the best part--the recipes. Some are for farmed game, while others are innovative twists on wild game dishes that Hibler has been cooking for more than thirty years. And if you're hankering to make a recipe, but have no game, Hibler offers suggestions for non-game substitutions, such as Cornish hens for squab or pork tenderloin for venison. Other sections include recipes for smoking game, marinades and rubs, sauces, and side dishes.

Color photographs of favorite dishes and archival photographs and etchings are included along with a list of nutritional data for each type of game, an unusual American game timeline, and an extensive resource list for game that can be delivered to your doorstep. Try just one recipe from Wild About Game, and you'll soon be wild about game yourself.

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