The Classic Rice Cookbook
by Junko Takagi
Published by Japan Pubns
Publication date: September 1, 1996
Dimensions (in inches): 10.47 x 7.50 x .64
ISBN: 0870409689
List: $28.00 ~ Our estimated Price: $19.60

Junko Takagi's The Classic Rice Cookbook focuses on rice, the staple of most of the world's population. More than sixty-five recipes from around the globe demonstrate the versatility of the tiny grain. As diets in the Western world shift to include more carbohydrates, this timely, nutritious collection offers a wide variety of dishes that are pleasing to both the eye and the palate. Steamed, simmered, fried or broiled, rice is packed with both protein and carbohydrates. From butter Italian rissotto to spicy Korean bibimba, tempting Chinese fried rice to classic Japanese sushi, these delicious recipes are sure to convert even the most die-hard meat & potato diners. The Classic Rice Cookbook is an essential part of any cookbook collection!

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The Complete Asian Cookbook
by Charmaine Solomon
New Rev Edition Hardcover, 511 pages
Published by Charles E Tuttle Co
Publication date: May 1, 1992
Dimensions (in inches): 11.49 x 8.39 x 1.54
ISBN: 080481791X
List: $34.95 ~ Our estimated Price: $24.47

An incredible overview of authentic asian cuisines
One of the best cookbooks I've gotten my hands on. Its amazing how the author captures many of the flavours of the most populous continent in one book. I can vouch for the authenticity of recipes in the Indian and Sri Lankan sections. Her advice for substituting hard-to-find ingredients is extremely useful, as are the explanations of foods in the glossary. 2 dissappointments: The Thai section had no Pad Thai, and some of the pictures aren't as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.

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