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101 Great Lowfat Dessert
by Donna Rodnitzky
Paperback, 285 pages
Published by Prima Pub
Publication date: January 1,1995
Dimensions (in inches): 8.40 x 5.44 x .82
ISBN: 1559586664
List: $12.95

No Butter, No Cream, No Kidding!
Easy and Delicious Lowfat Desserts for Every Occasion-Includes Nutritional Analysis
This cookbook offers an unusual approach towards lowering fat content in baked goods, by using pureed fruits instead of fattening butter or shortening. I was originally skeptical, but after trying a few recipes, found little difference in flavor or quality from standard butter/shortening based recipes. Overall excellent, surprise your guests!

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Fat-Free Desserts
by Karen L. Pellegrin
Paperback, 186 pages
Published by Contemporary Books
Publication date: June 1,1995
Dimensions (in inches): 9.02 x 6 x .48
ISBN: 0809234440
List: $12.95 ~ Our estimated Price: $10.36

Quick-And-Easy Mouthwatering Recipes
At last there's a way to indulge without guilt, and without fat! Pellegrin offers more than 100 luscious recipes that are simple, delicious, and absolutely fat free. In addition to the scrumptious recipes, this book shows how readers can reduce the fat content of favorite desserts without compromising the richness they enjoy. 20 color photos.

The author, 08/12/96:
Decadent desserts for the sensible sweet tooth!
What comes to mind when you think of fat-free anything? Dry, tasteless, gritty. My cookbook will change how you think about fat-free desserts with recipes such as Double Chocolate Brownies, Cherry-Vanilla Cream Pie, and Coconut-Fudge Swirl Cheesecake. These recipes are fat-free and delicious because I have taken out the fat (the stuff that's bad for you) but not the sugar (the stuff that's neither good nor bad for you), and I did not add any "health-food-store" items such as wheat germ, oat bran, or fruit juice sweeteners. These taste like real desserts--not recipes that need an "acquired" taste.

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bakery book cover The Best Low-Fat, No-Sugar Bread Machine Cookbook Ever
by Madge Rosenberg
Spiral Edition
Published by Harpercollins
Publication date: May 1,1995
Dimensions (in inches): 7.20 x 7.06 x 1.08
ISBN: 006017174X
List: $16.95 ~ Our estimated Price: $11.87
Intended for use with the increasingly popular home bread machine, this book contains 200 recipes for breads that are low in fat and high in flavor. The majority of recipes contain less than five percent of calories from fat, and are sweetened only with natural fruits and fruit products. Wire-O binding.

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Daily Bread: More Than 50 Irresistible Recipes for Low-Fat and No-Fat Breads and Muffins, and Other Delicious, Easy-To-Make Treats
by Cindi Flahive-Sobel
Published by Fireside
Publication date: November 1,1996
Dimensions (in inches): 9.14 x 6.13 x .41
ISBN: 0684803178
List: $12.00 ~ Our estimated Price: $9.60

Fresh bread every day?
A phenomenally successful baker shares her simple, satisfying recipes, along with her home-grown success story. The wonderful collection includes more than 50 recipes for yeast and quick breads, muffins, scones and other treats, many low in fat.

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Easy Breadmaking for Special Diets
by Nicolette M. Dumke
Published by Allergy Adapt Inc
Publication date: October 1995
ISBN: 1887624023
List: $14.95 ~ Our estimated Price: $11.96

Wheat-Free, Milk- And Lactose-Free, Egg-Free, Gluten-Free, Yeast-Free, Sugar-Free, Low Fat, High or Low Fiber ........

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