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The Pie and Pastry Bible - Bestseller
A must-have book from the author who gave us The Cake Bible

The Pie and Pastry Bible
by Rose Levy Beranbaum, Laura Hartman Maestro, Gentl, Hyers
Hardcover - 512 pages (November 1998)
Scribner; ISBN: 0684813483
Dimensions (in inches): 2.00 x 10.29 x 7.35
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THE PIE AND PASTRY BIBLE proves the depths of  her pie passion and will no doubt become one of the great  baking classics. Featuring 315 recipes for sweet and savory creations -- including pies, tarts, quiches, puff  pastry, strudels, and ice creams
  1. More than 300 recipes, 200 drawings of techniques and equipment, and 70 color pictures of finished pies, tarts, and pastries
  2. Easy-to-follow recipes for fruit pies, chiffon pies, custard pies, ice-cream pies, meringue pies, chocolate pies, tarts and tartlets, turnovers, dumplings, biscuits, scones, crostadas, galettes, strudel, fillo, puff pastry, croissants (chocolate, too), Danish, brioche, sticky buns, cream puffs, and profiteroles
  3. All kinds of fillings, glazes, toppings, and sauces, including pastry cream, frangipane, Chiboust, fruit curds, ice creams, fondant, fruit preserves, streusel, meringues, ganache, caramel, and hot fudge
  4. A separate chapter featuring foolproof flaky, tender, and original crusts of every kind imaginable. Here are a few: Flaky Cream Cheese Pie Crust, Flaky Cheddar Cheese Pie Crust, Miracle Flaky Lard Pie Crust, and Flaky Goose Fat Pie Crust; Bittersweet Chocolate, Coconut, Ginger, and Sweet Nut Cookie Crusts; and Vanilla, Gingersnap, Chocolate, and Graham Cracker Crumb Crusts
  5. Countless tips that solve any problem, including the secrets to making a juicy fruit pie with a crisp bottom crust and a lemon meringue pie that doesn't weep
  6. How to make a tender and flaky pie crust in under three minutes
  7. How to make the best brownie ever into a crustless tart with puddles of ganache
  8. Extensive decorating techniques for the beginning baker and professional alike that show you how to make chocolate curls, pipe rosettes, crystallize flowers and leaves, and more
  9. Detailed information on ingredients and equipment, previously available only to professionals
  10. The wedding cake reconceived as a Seven-Tier Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Tart
  11. Pointers for Success follow the recipes, guaranteeing perfect results every time

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