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All Things Chocolate (Little Gift Books)
by Armand Eisen
Mini Edition
Hardcover, 78 pages
Published by Andrews & McMeel
Publication date: September 1994
Dimensions (in inches): 3.84 x 3.26 x .41
ISBN: 0836230612
List: $4.95 ~ Our estimated Price: $3.46

Just browsing through this delectable collection will awaken the tastebuds of anyone who knows the sweet delights of chocolate.

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The 50 Best Oatmeal Cookies in the World
by Larry Zisman, Honey Zisman
1 Edition Paperback, 149 pages
Published by St Martins Pr
Publication date: March 1,1994
Dimensions (in inches): 5.52 x 5.45 x .42
ISBN: 0312104081
List: $7.95 ~ Our estimated Price: $6.36

The Recipes That Won the Nationwide 'Ah! Oatmeal Cookies' Contest
Another irresistible contest cookbook. Here are 50 of America's very best recipes from the nationwide "Ah! Oatmeal Cookies" contest. The Zisman's are the authors of several top-selling cookbooks, including The 50 Best Cheesecakes in the World and The 55 Best Brownies in the World.

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by Debora Pearson
1 Edition Hardcover
Published by Dutton Childrens Books
Publication date: November 1,1995
Dimensions (in inches): 12 x 11.52 x 1.23
ISBN: 0525454616
List: $16.99 ~ Our estimated Price: $13.59

A Cookbook and Cookie Cutter Set
Learning the letters of the alphabet has never been so much fun . . . or so delicious! With all 26 letters in cookie-cutter form, a sturdy tin cookie sheet, and a 32-page cookbook, children can use this complete cookie kit to create an edible alphabet. Dozens of cookie and craft ideas fill this full-color cookbook, including instructions for making cookies that spell out your name.

The publisher, Dutton Children's Books (, 12/01/96:
26 cookie cutters, a cookie tin - and a cookbook all-in-one!
Create the most wonderful edible alphabets with this wonderful set. 26 brightly colored and dishwasher-safe cookie cutters - each in the shape of a letter, a generously sized cookie tin, and an easy-to-use, fun-to-make cookbook containing a baker's dozen of delicious cookie recipes. This is the perfect birthday or holiday gift!

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