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H.E.L.P. : The Healthy Exchanges Lifetime Plan
by Barbara Alpert, Inc Healthy Exchanges, Joanna M. Lund
Published by Putnam Pub Group
Publication date: April 1,1996
Dimensions (in inches): 9.51 x 7.41 x 1.09
ISBN: 0399141642
List: $21.95 ~ Our estimated Price: $15.37
It's Not a Diet, It's a Way of Life
The "diet queen of DeWitt, Iowa," and author of the best-selling Healthy Exchanges Cookbook shares her secrets for a lifetime of health and happiness. In clear and simple language, Joanna shows how to adopt and adapt a Healthy Exchanges lifestyle that will work. She shows how simple it can be to eat the way you like without the calories and fat, while providing dozens of mouth-watering recipes to tempt any palate.

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The 1200-Calorie-A-Day Menu Cookbook
by Nancy S. Hughes
Paperback, 163 pages
Published by Contemporary Books
Publication date: November 1,1994
Dimensions (in inches): 9.95 x 7.98 x .48
ISBN: 0809236338
List: $10.95 ~ Our estimated Price: $8.76

Quick and Easy Recipes for Delicious Low-Fat Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, and Desserts
In this collection of satisfying low-fat, low-calorie recipes, every breakfast menu contains no more than 300 calories, every lunch only 350, and every dinner comes in at 400 calories or less. Choose from hundreds of combinations--all which can be prepared in 15 minutes or less. All recipes include the fat content per serving.

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1,001 Low Fat Recipes
by Linda R. Yoakam (Editor), Sue Spitler
1 Edition
Paperback, 660 pages
Published by Surrey Books
Publication date: May 1,1995
Dimensions (in inches): 9.03 x 6.05 x 1.78
ISBN: 094062589X
List: $18.95 ~ Our estimated Price: $15.16
Quick, Easy, Great-Tasting recipes for the Whole Family
This enormous cookbook has a user friendly design that allows the cook to see at a glance how much time each dish requires and all the ingredients--many call for fewer than ten--the cook will need to prepare the meal. Includes recipes for everything--appetizers, snacks, sauces, pasta, side dishes, salads, soups, entrees, seafood, pizza and desserts--from many types of cuisine.

Midwest Book Review:
Eleven master chefs contribute their favorite recipes to a title which presents a wide range of low-fat main course dishes as well as desserts. These aren't complicated dishes, but quick, easy recipes which lend to family appreciation. No color photos, but the easy instructions don't need embellishment and the low-fat contents aren't based on proportion but on genuinely low-fat ingredients.

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The Pyramid Cookbook
by Pat Baird
Reprint Edition
Published by Henry Holt (Paper)
Publication date: November 1,1994
Dimensions (in inches): 8.96 x 7.39 x .83
ISBN: 0805032622
List: $14.95 ~ Our estimated Price: $11.96

Pleasures of the Food Guide Pyramid
A registered dietitian, nutrition consultant, and health teacher, Pat Baird explains the USDA Food Guide Pyramid that represents the five food groups included in the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for a healthy diet. Baird defines exactly what comprises a serving of each food group and how to make the Pyramid work whether eating at home or at a restaurant.

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